Warning: Highly Erotic!

So…want to know where the story of Maks & The Persian Princess began?  
Read the following excerpt from DUET stories, A Chorus of Voices!  

Traveling through Persia, memories started rushing back to me of my particularly depraved “relationship” I’d had with a Persian Princess several years earlier.


I’d met her on one of my sojourns when I accompanied a higher-ranking palace representative on a mission to acquire property for the Sultan.  The princess was several years older than I, and quite powerful, in beauty, rank and sophistication.  She was the kind of woman who got what she wanted without fear or reservation, and what she wanted was…me.


She offered an exorbitant price.  My superior left me with her until he could return with the Sultan’s formal approval several months later.  While I didn’t like the idea of being offered so dismissively, I was captivated by my new Master, (Mistress being too tame a word) and not just physically. 


Though at the time I’d already had my share of prostitutes who’d readily provided the subjugation I needed, I’d never been an actual sex slave, and the idea excited me.  As she led me to a private chamber, I felt the blood surging through my loins.  The room was elaborate, intimidating – and exciting.  That first night she stripped me naked and tied me up against an upright structure similar to those they’d used in the palace and brothels – and then just left me there overnight.  Every hour or so a very enticing female slave would come in to get me aroused and then leave me hanging – literally and figuratively.  It was agony!  Sweet, sweet agony! 


The next morning my new Master came to see me, playing with my sik like a cat toys with a mouse.  For the longest time, weeks on end, she used me like an inanimate plaything designed for her nefarious enjoyment only, never allowing me the same satisfaction. 


One day, something triggered inside me, making my whole demeanor shift.  I loved her more than life itself.  I also hated her with the same vehement intensity.  Seizing the opportunity, I turned the tables on her.  The tormented becoming the tormentor.  I used her body viciously, relentlessly, mercilessly.  And she loved it.


So, when Nikolai suggested he wanted to learn everything there was about how to please a woman sexually, (though I doubted he was interested in how I knew what I knew), I could answer with absolute certainty that yes, in that area I was the supreme Master.